No more "getting published this year" resolutions

With the new year fast approaching, it is time to start thinking about resolutions. One that I have had on my agenda for the past --- I don't know how many years, is that this will be the year I am published. "This" of course changes for the current year. While I might not yet have a novel under my belt, or even a article or twenty in magazines, I consider myself a successful writer because my mom considered me to be one.

My writing helped pay the bills when things got tight for us, and today it is still helping to pay the bills - for three different houses as of the time I am writing this. So, yes, while I might not be an author in the sense of having a novel to show off, I am a successful writer in the most important of senses: my writing makes a difference. It keeps people fed and warm and able to go from one month to the next. What more could a writer ask of their writing?

I don't need a resolution that I will be published this year, because my writing has already been a success in all the ways that are important to me. My mom and dad saw it as a success and I am able to use the money I make writing to help those I love when they need it the most.