Streamling my winter coat wardrobe

Guest post written by Hannah Vincent

I've collected so many winter coats over the years for different occasions. It's so large that I'm running out of room for them in my hall closet, so I want to make sure that I'm actually holding onto just the coats that I wear on a regular basis. I have a couple of different coats for different functions and I want some coats that work for multiple things.
As you can probably guess, I really love buying winter coats because once you bundle up, that's almost the only thing that people can notice about your clothing. Well, I looked online with my Clear Internet Seattle to see if I could find a really cute, tailored coat that will also keep me extremely warm.
I have some really unattractive but warm coats that I would prefer to get rid of, so I did some online winter coat buying to find a coat for all cold purposes. I did track down a really cute tailored coat that has a thin but very warm winter lining in it that's removable. That's basically exactly what I was looking for. So I was able to get rid of three of my coats from my closet and donate them to charity.